Sharing Floor Plan background images in a multi-user environment

Sharing Floor Plan background images in a multi-user environment


How to properly share background images across multiple Security Expert Client machines.

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It may, in some instances, be required or best practice to have a single location to store Floor Plan background images, this provides easier management of where these files are kept when using multiple clients.  Below is an example of how to set up a network share of background images.


There are two methods for using Floor Plan background images across multiple client machines.

Method 1 - Copy the images to each PC

  1. Set the background image to the local image file.
  2. Copy that image file to each client PC and save it in the same local network folder.

Method 2 - Share the images folder on a network share that all client PC's can view.

  1. Ensure all PC's are in the same Domain or Workgroup.
  2. In each client PC, have configured an Admin user or the same user with access to the network location on the server.
  3. On the server, share the image folder with the user in step 2.Floor Plan PropertiesFloor Plan Properties
  4. In the Floor Plan map, use the network path to the shared folder/file.Background FileBackground File
  5. On the client PC's ensure the same user in step 2 is created and can see the network share by browsing to it.Network ShareNetwork Share
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