Security Keys to enable with the Endura -E option to enable use of Endura DVRs and cameras

Security Keys to enable with the Endura -E option to enable use of Endura DVRs and cameras


How to enable Continuum site for use with Endura DVRs and cameras.

Product Line

Andover Continuum, Pelco


  • Continuum V1.91 and above
  • Pelco Endura DVR
  • See the Video Compatibility matrix for supported Pelco Endura products on the various Continuum versions,


Want to enable Continuum for use with Endura but unsure which security keys support the addition of the option and what the option provides.


Why is this option required?

The Endura -E option for Continuum security keys is required to be able to:

  1. Configure VideoServer objects in Continuum to use Endura DVRs.
  2. Use VideoAdministrator and VideoMonitor to configure and view Endura cameras.

It is not required to be able to configure and view cameras from DigitalSentry DVR's or to view Endura cameras using VideoLayout objects that have already been configured.

Which Workstations can have the option added?

  1. SU and LAN Cyberstation security keys can be enabled with the Endura -E option.
  2. This option cannot be added to the WEBC key for WebClient Servers. If configuring Endura cameras is required, a Cyberstation with the -E option must be used. WebClient browser users are able to use the VideoLayout to view DigitalSentry and Endura cameras.

The Endura option is only available through the upgrade process through Repairs. There is no part number to specify to enable Endura at the time of ordering the security key. Once you have the serial number of the key, contact Repairs below.

Email:  upgrades.continuum@schneider-electric.com

How to tell if the option is enabled?

If the system is operating normally (not in Demo Mode), open up a Video Server object.

If the key is video enabled it should look like this:

If it is not enabled, the Pelco Endura option is not available:

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