Security Expert supported fingerprint readers

Security Expert supported fingerprint readers


What Fingerprint readers does Security Expert support?

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Require information on what Fingerprint Biometrics are supported with Security Expert.


We only officially support Suprema Biometric readers (HLI p/n SX-BIO-SP) however our reader expanders/controllers should be able to be connected/work with any reader that outputs a standard 26-bit Wiegand output.

If there is a fingerprint reader that does this it should be able to be connected to Security Expert like a standard card reader supplying the controller with Wiegand data that is assigned to a user's fingerprint. The enrolling of fingerprints etc would need to be handled by the third party system, we would essentially be treating it as a normal card reader and card.

The integration with Suprema Biometric readers allows you to enroll the users fingerprints to the biometric device from within the Security Expert UI.

For a list of Suprema devices that Security Expert supports refer to the Suprema Biometric Integration in Security Expert Application Note.

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