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Security Expert and Continuum Terminology Equivalents


Partners and branches need to understand the terminology used with Security Expert and what those terms mean from a Continuum perspective

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert



A table key to map object terminology between Security Expert and Continuum



Continuum Security Expert
Objects Records
User Operator
Personnel User
Area Door Group (Area) = Intrusion/Antipassback/Counting
Area Rights Access Levels
AC1/IOUs Reader Expanders/RDM2
Numerics Virtual Inputs/Outputs
Plain Enlgish Programmable Functions/Function Code/services
Event Viewer Status Pages
Alarm Viewer Status Pages
Listview Status Pages
Power Supply Analog Expander
Network Sites
NC/ACX Controller SPC
Doors Doors
Security levels Security levels
Schedule Schedule
Scedule Exception Calendar Action
Holiday Holiday
Reset Manual - Factory default – short Reader, L2D0, download
Array Data Values
Permisssions/Security Levels Record Groups
+V V+
Ground V-
Data 1 1 1
Clock 0 0 0
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