Security Expert Web Operator Licenses

Security Expert Web Operator Licenses


If multiple Security Expert Web Client sessions are open and in use, the License page of the Thick Client may show more Licenses in use than the maximum three (3) clients provided with the standard SX-SRVR License.

To see what the site is using, select About > License and scroll down to the Feature: Web Operators.

As shown below, there are four web operators active out of the three (4/3) allowed.

4 over 3.png

Product Line

Security Expert




A Web Operator is defined as any Operator who has logged onto the Security Expert Server using a Browser.

In the example shown below there are four Operators:

  1. admin
  2. EWS
  3. 3rd Operator
  4. 4th Operator

The system allows each to log in successfully:

4th Op.png

The License option SX-WEB-OPR then enables 'x' number of concurrent browser connections depending on what the customer needs. The feature is currently in development, however, and at this time it is not yet enforcing limits on the number of operator connections, which allows the number of connections to exceed the maximum limit (I.e.4/3)


The restriction of concurrent users via Web Client could be enabled/enforced at any time in the next release of the software, so it is strongly advised to purchase the correct number of Licenses required at the time of installation, to prevent a loss of user connectivity going forward.

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