Save to Flash yellow exclamation point remains after valid save to flash

Save to Flash yellow exclamation point remains after valid save to flash


The Save to Flash exclamation point (bang) on a Controller object, does not go away even after a valid save to flash is performed on the controller.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum Controllers


An InfinityNumeric with its Setpoint attribute set is changing value frequently. With this Setpoint attribute set, every time the object changes value, the controller sees that the change needs to be applied to the flash as well. This changes the ObjectStatus of the Controller Device object to indicate a Save To Flash is required by  showing the exclamation point (bang) on the controller.


Check if you have any InfinityNumeric points with the "Setpoint" flag set that update frequently.

  1. In ContinuumExplorer, under the controller object, right-click the InfinityNumeric default class folder and select "View". This will launch the object class listview for this controller.
  2. Add the Setpoint attribute by selecting View -> List View Configuration. Select columns tab, click "Add Column". Select the Attribute field in your new column and from the drop down select "Setpoint". Apply your Changes and refresh the ListView.
  3. The InfinityNumerics that have the Setpoint value of True are the ones you want to look at closely to determine which ones are changing value frequently and if they really need to be configured as a Setpoint. 

Also, refer to Save to Flash exclamation point indicates that the controller 'requires flash backup'.

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