SE7xxx Room controller will not come online in BACnet

SE7xxx Room controller will not come online in BACnet


Cannot see a SE7300 Room Controller when connected to a BACnet MS/TP network.

Product Line

Andover Continuum, EcoStruxure Building Expert, EcoStruxure Building Operation, Field Devices


  • SE7000 Series
  • SE7000, SE7200, SE7300, SE7600, SE76x7
  • Ex Viconics branding VT7000 Series
  • Viconics room stats with BACnet communications


Units are shipped from the factory with the BACnet network disabled.


  1. Power up the unit.
  2. Press the middle button down for 8 Seconds (It is either the Override or °C/°F Button depending on model).
  3. Enter the password if it has been set, or leave as the default 0 for no password (as shipped from the factory).
  4. Use the down key to find the "Comm Addr" value.
  5. By default this is set to 254 BACnet communications disabled.
  6. Adjust this to the desired value within the valid range of 1 to 127, but also ensure it is in the range of your BACnet Max Master setting on the connected system.
  7. Once set, power off/ on the unit to change the address to the new value.
  8. The unit should now be visible on the BACnet MS/TP network. 



  • The SE7xxx Room controllers will auto baud to match your MS/TP network, there is no baud rate setting to adjust.
  • Also any password set on the SE7xxx controller must be temporarily disabled to allow the middle button to operate correctly.
  • For further information on installing the Room Controllers please see SE7000 Series Installation Instructions.
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