SE7000/SE8000 Room Controller status shows an "offline (-2)" error.

SE7000/SE8000 Room Controller status shows an "offline (-2)" error.


Room controller shows up in the Discovery (Bind) window but will not go online after clicking on “Bind device”. Status in the ZVC object shows “offline (-2)” error.


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager

SE8xxx/SE7xxx Room controller
SE8000/SE7000 Series
SER8300, SE8300, SE8350

SE7200, SE7300, SE7600, SE76x7
Viconics branding VT8000/VT7000 Series


An invalid value is being overwritten continuously to a local point (to the Room Controller) by a dashboard widget or a third party device(e.g. via Bacnet).


The invalid value must be corrected before proceeding with the binding process.


Example: A value of 0 is being written to the Occupancy command point which only take values of ([1 = Local Occupancy], [2 = Occupied] or [3 = Unoccupied]). The write and read traffic generated prevents other room controllers from joining the network.

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