Running the Import/Export Fixup Utility

Running the Import/Export Fixup Utility


How to run the Import/Export Fixup Utility

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • CyberStation
  • Import Export Fixup Utility, I/E Fixup, IEFixup, IE,ImpExpFixupUtil.exe
  • CX Controller, i2 Controller, Infinet Controller


Points not updating or alarms not coming in have resulted in PSS asking for the import export fixup utility to be run.


Note: Before performing the steps listed below, make sure a database backup has been performed.

  1. Navigate to the \Continuum directory. The Import Export Fixup Utility is located here
  2. The filename is ImpExpFixupUtil.exe. Double-click it.
  3. It runs in a DOS window and when complete, creates a file in the format IEFixuptimestamp.log. In some cases the log file will open; in others it will be saved to the \Continuum directory.
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