Requirements for connecting Pelco's Endura to TAC I/NET Seven

Requirements for connecting Pelco's Endura to TAC I/NET Seven


The Pelco Endura system with cameras at a location and integrating with the TAC I/NET Seven system.


Check the system requirements for the version of TAC I/NET Seven and Pelco Endura 


Configuration requirements of the Pelco Endura and TAC I/NET Seven are specific for the functionality in I/NET.


Once your Pelco Endura system is configured and the Workstation has discovered all the devices and the System Manager is online with the cameras correctly configured, there are four basic requirements to connect TAC I/NET.

  1. Cameras have to have a unique friendly name other than default.
  2. Cameras have to have a unique camera number.
  3. Netframework 3.5 has to be installed.
  4. Windows Media Player 11 has to be installed.


If using I/NET Seven Release 2.40a then the following applies:
Once INET and the requirements above are installed the Endura Install can be run.
The installer for these files is located on the INET CD in the folder: Support\EnduraSDK.
Note: Endura video does NOT work on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
If using I/NET Seven Release 2.40 or above:
Dual NIC support is now available. For Endura, 100GB NIC and Router are suggested. 1 for I/O Server, 1  for video
Equipment used:
  • NSMS200 Pelco Endura Network System Manager & Network Video Manager
  • SM5000 Pelco Endura System Manager
  • WS5070 Pelco Endura Workstation with Advanced Management Software
  • WS5000 Pelco Endura Work Station Software package
  • NET5301T Pelco Endura Video Encoder
  • Spectra IV Pelco Camera

Visit Pelco.com for more information.

Click here to view an extended compatibility matrix for Endura and I/NET.

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