Putting all 102-AX points into one folder in Vista Workstation

Putting all 102-AX points into one folder in Vista Workstation


Modifying the Vista database to put all the points of a 102-AX into one folder to accommodate graphic pages that were built in Vista with versions of 4.4.0 or earlier.


  • Vista 4.4.0
  • Vista IV


When you upgrade to Vista 4.4.0, your database structure remains unchanged. Although 4.4.0 now displays SCPTs, you cannot see them on any LonWorks controllers yet. The process to access these is simple, but if you are not careful it will break any graphic pages, shortcuts, and other similar database access functions.


To avoid the work of rebuilding your database follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the Vista Server object and select "Properties" while holding down "Shift" and "Ctrl".
  2. Change the LWUOPTION from a 0 to a 3. This will turn off Module display as a default and will avoid the change in database structure that will break graphics.
  3. For each controller that has SCPTs that you want to see right click on the controller and select properties. On the XIF file tab browse to the XIF file of the controller( typically found in C:\LonWorks\Import\TAC\X100\ for Xenta 100 controllers).
  4. Log out and back into Vista Workstation to see the changes.

You will now have access to the SCPTs for each of the controllers you changed without breaking any graphic pages and shortcuts.

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