Operator Panel on the Automation Server Classic

Operator Panel on the Automation Server Classic


Pins 4 through 7 across the top of the Automation Server are labeled as "Operator Panel" although there is not an Operator Panel part available.


Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


Building Operation Automation Server (AS)


There is no explanation of what the AS Operator Panel contacts are for?

On front of AS: 

Operator Panel Terminals
Term 4 RET Internally connected to ground
Term 5 10V 10 VDC max. 120 mA
Term 6 Tx/Rx+ RS-485 communication
Term 7 Tx/Rx- RS-485 communication


At one time there were plans to create an Operator Panel so terminals were reserved on the Automation Server for local OP connection, however, these plans were not implemented. The next generation Automation Server Premium (AS-P) does not have the Operator Panel label, and today most operators use Webstation or Workstation.

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