OPC Server for Andover Continuum and TAC I/NET

OPC Server for Andover Continuum and TAC I/NET


OPC Server with third party and alternatives

Product Line

Andover Continuum, TAC INET


System requiring third party connectivity


OPC Server to communicate between hardware and the iBMS (intelligent Building Management System).


The OPC server is a software program that converts hardware communication protocol into the OPC protocol. The OPC client software is any program that needs to connect to the hardware. The OPC client uses the OPC server to get data from or send commands to the hardware.

OPC Client Servers are used to communicate between BACnet IP interfaces and iBMS (intelligent Building Management System) programs such as TAC I/NET or Andover Continuum. There is also no Continuum OPC Client software to use for a direct OPC link.

The best way to integrate from 3rd party EIB or OPC protocols is using BACnet IP on Continuum; there are third party interfaces and gateways that will convert to BACnet/IP and others that go from OPC Client/ Server to BACnet/IP.

I/NET OPC For I/NET a great solution is to install a Xenta 913 controller which gives the capability to go with Modbus or BACnet/IP to third party solutions. The I/NET to Xenta 913 allows communication with Continuum BCX, StruxureWare AS-B, and other 3rd Party solutions.

Continuum OPC Standard 3rd party gateways are established to communicate between the protocols such as BACnet and Modbus. Andover Continuum has an OPC Server available here. The hardware requirements are Windows NT 4.0 or Win2K. If wanting to run on XP or newer operating systems, please be aware that no testing has not been done with these OS. For more info on the OPC and XDriver, please see OPC Server Integration. Only one instance of the OPC server on a computer. Each system would need a separate PC with license key to connect to the individual systems and host controllers.

The Andover Controls OPC server must be running a separate 3rd Party OPC client computer and cannot be on the same computer as CyberStation. From there it is configured to retrieve point values from a the suggested dedicated Infinity (CX) Controller. It is suggested to install a OPC gateway Infinity Controller since this controller will constantly be busy with OPC traffic. Therefore it is the separate third party vendor computer which requires the ACC OPC Server security key, not Cyberstation security key. Both USB and parallel port keys are available.

If no choice is available for OS, one alternative is to check on 3rd party OPC servers like Kepware and Matrikon.

Note: For Continuum, determine which one of your controllers will become the “Primary Controller” The Server requires that you designate one external Andover Controls Infinity or Continuum controller located on the same network as its “Primary Controller.” This controller must have had the network taught to it prior to selection. (This is done through the “Teach” function in the workstation.) The Server gets its information about the network through this controller.

This suggested single controller is designated as the interface through which all point access is obtained. Controller Type Select the type of network where the controller is located. For a NetController, b4920, CX9702 or upgraded Infinity controllers that can be connected to a Continuum network you would select “Continuum”. For older Infinity controllers, select Infinity.

Works with any IP level controller. There is no limit on the quantity, but rather it depends on how you tune.

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