No response from I/O module when learning in an IOU

No response from I/O module when learning in an IOU


An error was detected while attempting to set an attribute in a remote Infinity object Infinity Controller error:

No response from I/O module


  • 99xx
  • 9680
  • Continuum


FTT-10 IOU modules are not compatible with RS-485 Netcontrollers

RS-485 IOU modules are not compatible with FTT-10 Netcontrollers


There are a few ways to determine what bus topology type was built into a IOU module or Netcontroller 

  1. Take a look at the original purchase order which will indicate the type
  2. Look at the inside cover of the IOU module(s) and in the model description RS-485 or FTT-10 may be indicated
  3. Inside the cover of the Netcontroller and the IOU module there is a black component on the circuit board that has Echelon FTT-10 on it near the comm bus connector if it is FTT-10
  4. Get the serial number of each of the IOU modules and the Netcontrollers and let Product Support know what they are, PSS can cross reference the number to determine the topology scheme from when it was manufactured
  5. If this isn't the issue then try the IOU with only that IOU connect in a different part of the IOU bus or by itself on the Netcontroller

Under the cover RS-485 version - CX9900 Netcontroller 1


Under the cover FTT10 version - CX9900 Netcontroller 1

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