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Niagara R2 UNC installed on a residential ISP network using dynamic IP addressing


A Niagara R2 UNC is installed in a remote location with internet service provided by Comcast. Until now, a static IP address was provided by Comcast allowing for a static IP address to be provided to the UNC. Comcast has now switched to dynamically assigned IP addresses. Each time the installed internet router is power-cycled, it will receive a different IP address. Can the UNC be enabled to support DHCP and continue to be remotely accessible?

Product Line

TAC IA Series


Niagara R2


Comcast's changes in internet service policy


Niagara R2 stations support DHCP but the IP address must be 'reserved' within the DHCP server. See the Niagara Networking & Connectivity Guide, page 3-23. In this application, there is no DHCP server. Enabling DHCP will not allow for remote connectivity to continue as it did.

Review the requirements with Comcast to determine if they can provide a solution involving a reserved IP address for the installed router. This will allow the UNC to retain its static IP address and maintain remote connectivity.

Alternatively, dynamic IP addressing can be "out-sourced" to a 3rd party company. See the Niagara Networking & Connectivity Guide, page 5-22. The company TZO and its website has changed to and their most often-used product is dyndns-pro ( There is a small annual service fee but it has worked successfully with Niagara R2 applications.

There is also a free version available at

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