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Network property “Shared LNS and SBO network”


When doing a conversion from TAC Vista with LNS Network, to EcoStruxure Building Operation, what system should handle the addressing of the devices? What does the Network property “Shared LNS and SBO network” mean?

Shared LNS and SBO network.png

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation, TAC Vista


TAC Vista Conversion Tool


In a TAC Vista system, running as LNS system, the network is marked as Protected in TAC Vista. This means that all addressing is handled via the LNS system.


After a conversion from TAC Vista with LNS network, to EcoStruxure Building Operation, a flag is set in the Network properties, named “Shared LNS and SBO network” which means that the LonWorks network is shared between LNS and EcoStruxure BMS. LNS is used for network management, such as handling addresses and Lon bindings. LNS has the ownership of the network.

EcoStruxure Buildning Operation is used for downloading application and configuration to the controllers. It does not write in the address table of the Lon device. 

This flag should not be set manually.

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