Moving an on-premise Access Expert Database to a new drive

Moving an on-premise Access Expert Database to a new drive


What is the procedure for moving the Access Expert DB to another hard drive on the host machine.

Product Line

Access Expert


  • Access Expert Premise Software v3
  • MongoDB


There is no longer enough space on C:. The database must be moved to another drive.


  1. Take a backup of the MongoDB database
    1. Ensure MongoDB Service is running
    2. Connect to MongoDB via Command Prompt run as an administrator
      1. Use the cd command to change Command Prompt to the directory where Mongo is installed Example "cd C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.6\bin"
      2. Type Mongo and press enter
    3. Type "show dbs" and press enter to show a list of the databases
    4. Open a second Command Prompt session run as administrator
    5. Use the cd command to change the file path to where you want to store the backup Example "cd C:\Data"
    6. Type Mongodump and press enter to start the backup process
  2. Once the backup is completed, stop both the Mongo DB and the Feenics Keep Mercury Services
  3. Cut and paste the Data directory from C:\Data to drive you are moving the database to. Example D:\ root directory
  4. Update the MongoDB config file in C:\Program Files\Mongo\Server\3.x\MongoDB.config with the new drive path to the database (this should be as simple as changing the c to d if you moved it to the d drive) for both the logs and the database lines
  5. Save the config file
  6. Start the MongoDB Service
  7. Start the Feenics Keep Mercury Service
  8. Log in to Access Expert to ensure the migration was successful
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