Monitoring an IO module online status and how to generate an alarm when it is offline

Monitoring an IO module online status and how to generate an alarm when it is offline


Use the block DI to monitor an IO module, and generate an alarm when it is offline. But the above-mentioned function cannot be realized.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Menta
  • Xenta 301, 302, 401
  • Xenta I/O Modules


If there is a configuration error in block DI, the right alarm cannot be generated. It is necessary to check and correct the configuration error.


Create and configure the block DI and Alarm block according to the following procedure, then the IO module status can be monitored. When it is offline, an alarm will occur in the alarm window in TAC Workstation.


1. Create a block DI. (See the Figure 1)


Figure 1

2. Edit the block DI and input DI identifier such as the monitored module name, Status_411 in instance. (See the Figure 2)

          Figure 2

3. Click BIND in Edit window, select the Online Device in BIND TO column, and input the IO module number in DEVICE ADDRESS. (See the Figure 3)

              Figure 3

4. The module number can be found in IO Expansion and Wall Module Table of DEVICE SPECIFICATION in Menta Options toolbar. In the under instance picture, the M1 module, TAC Xenta 411, its device address is 1; the M2 module, TAC Xenta 421A, its device address is 2; and so on, the M5’s device address is 5. (See the Figure 4)

      Figure 4

5. After creating and configuring the block DI, the block Alarm should be created. (See the Figure 5)

               Figure 5

6. Then connect the block DI and Alarm. When the IO module is online, the DI value is generally 1. So the block NOT must be used. (See the Figure 6)

        Figure 6


You can also reference Monitor the online status of a base unit's associated I/O modules.

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