MicroNet 100 series controller MLi's and Data sheets

MicroNet 100 series controller MLi's and Data sheets


To assist locating data sheets if you do not have access to the Schneider Electric BBE and other company storage areas.

Product Line

Satchwell MicroNet 100 series


MicroNet 100 series Controllers, Touchscreens, LCD, Mi and Slink data sheets.


To assist customers that do not have access to our internet or partner websites


Updated June 2019
The MicroNet 50 series range MN350, 450, 550, 650 LCD and Touchscreen have been withdrawn from sale.
The IAC 420, 600 and Touchscreen have now also been withdrawn from sale.
No direct replacement is offered.
Further information on these changes can be found in PA-00495 - Notice of Withdrawal - Satchwell Sigma and PA-00528 - End of Commercialization - Satchwell Sigma.


Links below to download:

The data sheets for MicroNet 50 series controllers ETC. can be downloaded from MicroNet 50 series controller MLi's and Data sheets.

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