Method to lock down doors on different controllers from a single variable

Method to lock down doors on different controllers from a single variable


How to lock down Doors on different controllers using a single variable.

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Andover Continuum


Continuum Access Control


Require a method of securing multiple Doors at the same time.


The best way to lock a number of Doors from a single variable is to use the Door Force Lock Schedule attribute in the Door object. This is accomplished by adding a numeric to the attribute on the Options tab of the Door object;

And also on the Entry Reader or Exit Reader tabs, ticking the checkbox under either Normal and/or Comm Fail for Door Forced Lock Schedule.

Setting this Door Force Lock Schedule field to a local or remote InfinityNumeric point will provide the following conditions:

  1. When the Numeric is on, the door is locked but access is permitted to all personnel by card swipe and/or keypad entry. (Allow use of door.)
  2. When the Numeric is off, the door is locked and card reader and keypad access is denied to all personnel. (No Access)

You could have this numeric located in a central controller and all the rest of the controllers reference this numeric from the Door objects. No other points or plain english is required.

If you want to ensure that the updates are received, you can force the IE entry for this numeric to update on a regular interval, see Use just one schedule to control doors or access to areas across different controllers that discusses how to accomplish this.

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