Lost Multi Purpose Manager (MPM) Password

Lost Multi Purpose Manager (MPM) Password


Unable to gain access to Building Expert

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Expert


SmartStruxure Lite Multi Purpose Manager

  • MPM-GW
  • MPM-UN
  • MPM-VA


The admin password has been changed and the user has lost the password


For MPM with firmware 2.14 and earlier:

Send the MPM 'default.db' file to Product Support. 

From a web browser, you can save the default.db file to the local drive by typing the address http://[ip_address]/root/default.db (replace [ip_address] with the actual IP address of the MPM, or if bootloader is used)

For MPM with firmware 2.15 and later:

Send the MPM Node ID or MAC Address to Product Support.

Refer to the document StruxureWare Building Expert Password Recovery for the procedure to obtain the MPM Node ID or MAC Address.

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