License activation or repair without Internet access

License activation or repair without Internet access


License needs to be activated or repaired but there is no Internet access on the computer that the license is being hosted on.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


Building Operation License Administrator 


There is an inability to move the computer to a location with Internet access, activate or repair the license, then move it  back to the site.

In other situations the IT Department is so strict that they will not allow internet access on the computer just for licensing activation.


SBO Offline Activation Tool

There SBO Offline Activation tool posted on the Community outlines the step by step process to perform an offline license activation. It can be accessed here: SBO Offline Activation Tool.

  • Click on "Instruction and Help" in the tool for the step by step process and other helpful videos/charts. 

SBO Offline License Repair

The same SBO Offline Activation tool used for activation can also be used to repair an offline license. Download the tool here: SBO Offline Activation Tool.

  • After launching the offline tool, click on the "Special Operations" menu and click on Repair License. 

If this does not repair the license, then please contact PSS for further troubleshooting assistance. 

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