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Latest version of SigmaX download


Where can I download the latest version of SigmaX?

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Other, Satchwell Sigma




Satchwell Sigma 4.07 release notes states that it is compatible with SigmaX version 7.0.4.
On Extranet, 'Products' > 'Satchwell' > 'Sigma' > 'Downloads' > 'Utilities' only links to the download location for SigmaX 6.0.x.


Sigma X version 7.0.9 is the latest version.

You can download SigmaX version 7.0.9 from the Schneider download centre (1).
(1) Version 7.0.9 - Support Tool

This version does not require unlocking and corrects the following areas: -

1. Doctor error
Doctor could incorrectly report an illegal point number value if a page reference value was over 9999. Error number 2122,

2. Doctor error
Doctor could incorrectly report that page location in pointer.bin files greater than index.rex size. Error number 2152.

3. Doctor error.
Doctor could incorrectly report index page segment incorrect for point mnemonic. Error number 2150.

4. Sigma View
Site summary could miss valid look-up tables.

5. Sigma View
Sigma view help text was not included in installer.

Doctor can also ignore up to 5 specified errors if required. SigmaX supports all valid versions of Sigma from 4.05.

Note: -
SigmaX version 7.09 no longer needs a PCID to be unlocked.
Due to this change SigmaX 7.09 no longer unlocks Sigma.
To unlock Sigma, install the SBO license server/administrator, with a temporary license added, needs to be used.

Click here to view the TPA-SACH-16-0012.00 which provides more information on the software licensing for Sigma.

SBO license server/administrator

SBO Temporary license

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