LMGRD "crashing" upon restarting the PC

LMGRD "crashing" upon restarting the PC


Every time the computer reboots, LMGRD errors are shown at startup.

LMGRD encountered a problem and needed to close.

lmgrd.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x0012e854" referenced memory at "0xffffff91". The memory could not be "written".

Product Line

Other, Satchwell MicroNet, Satchwell Sigma, TAC Vista


  • Vista Server 5.0
  • FlexNet Licensing
  • Remote Alarm Manager
  • Sigma
  • BAS2800+
  • Micronet
  • Errors


There is a known issue with the new license server from Flexnet. The LMGRD.exe is actually crashing during shut down of the PC.


This is nothing dangerous. What happens is that when you turn off the PC, something is happening with the license server during the shutdown phase. Since LMGRD runs as service, it can not display this error message during this shut down. The error message is shown the next time the PC is started.

It will not affect anything since the error messages is queued from the last shutdown sequence, NOT during the startup. We think it has something to do with having a license server installed and not using only an entitlement license.

In some situations, placing a customer license file from any project into the license folder along with the monthly demo license stops the LMGRD error. The license server may read the customer license, note that it is invalid, then use the monthly license.

Flexnet is looking into this issue. Look for a fix in upcoming versions.

On Sigma, BAS2800+, and Micronet systems where Remote Alarm Manager is installed, the TAC license server can be uninstalled as it is not used.

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