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LED status for SE7000 Room Controller ZigBee communication module


Having difficulties binding (pairing) room controller with MPM


SmartStruxure Lite Multi-Purpose Manager and SE7000 Room Controller


Unable to make sense of LED blinks status


The room controller cover needs to be removed to expose the LED located on the ZigBee communication module.


Here is a description of the LED status for Sigma Room Controllers (SE7000 Series):

Blinks once: ZigBee Communication module is powered but might be defective or incompatible with the room controller base board.

Blinks twice: ZigBee Communication module is compatible with room controller base board but cannot see any ZigBee network in its range that matches its own channel and PAN ID.

Blinks 3 times: Room controller has joined the network successfully but it is not bound to MPM.

Blinks continuously: Room Controller has joined the network and is placed in identify mode by MPM during the binding process.

Blinks 4 short and 1 long: Thermostat is bound to the MPM and is communicating.

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