LDAP Creation

LDAP Creation


How to create a successful LDAP Query on Version 3.

Product Line

Access Expert


  • Win 10 and above
  • Version 3 Premise
  • Hosted


There are no instructions on how to create an LDAP Query to bring in users from Active Directory.  Schneider Electric does not normally write the queries as these are duties more geared to a LDAP person or IT person who is familiar with the structure of the AD.


The following steps are needed to create a successful LDAP Query:

  1. Make sure the LDAP appliance or Service is running and that the default port 389 is opened
  2. From Access Expert, select the General Configuration Tab and then the LDAP Agents
  3. Once opened, create a new LDAP Query by entering all the necessary fields and information to connect to the AD (Active Directory)

  4. Enter the mapping fields in the Set Person Mapping fields
  5. When Finished click on the Save button that will run the query
  6. Select the Access Control Tab and click on the List Icon
  7. If the query was successful, then all the users that the LDAP Query was based on will be displayed
  8. If it was unsuccessful, then it would be blank. 
  9. To troubleshoot any issues, connect to the appliance if possible and browse to the SEQ Folder
  10. Open up the Browse SEQ
  11. Look at what is displayed on the window to determine what the issue could be

  12. Click on the Error on the Right Side of the Window to bring up the Error Messages
  13. View the error and correct accordingly (for the most part it is probably the query having extra spaces)
  14. Once corrected, re-run the query and verify that it updated correctly by following step 6 again
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