Installing multiple Xenta Servers on a Lonworks network.

Installing multiple Xenta Servers on a Lonworks network.


Only one Xenta Server can be installed in Vista on a single Lonworks network.

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  • TAC Vista
  • Lonworks
  • Xenta 511, 527, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


When a Xenta 500/700/913 is installed in Vista as a Xenta Server, it is intended to act as the Lonworks network interface for Vista. By default, the Xenta 500/700 also handles the alarms generated in devices on the Lonworks network.  Only one Xenta Server can, therefore, exist on a single Lonworks network.  To enforce this, Vista does not allow you to add a Xenta Server to an existing Lonworks network.


Install the first Xenta 500/700/913 device as a Xenta Server. Install any additional Xenta 500/700/913 as Lonworks Devices on the network.

As the Xenta Server handles the alarms generated in devices on the Lonworks network, the additional Xenta 500/700s must be prevented from handling alarms. This is done by changing the Alarm Server setting in XBuilder to 'Disabled'.

The XBuilder projects for the Xenta 500/700/913 configured as Lonworks Devices cannot be accessed from Vista.  In A LNS environment, SNVTS will be able to be seen through Vista workstation but no XBuilder parameters. These XBuilder projects must be treated as standalone and an XBuilder project backup is managed from outside the Vista database.


For details on configuring multiple Xenta 500/700/913s in Classic and LNS networks see these manuals:

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TAC Vista - LNS Networks - Technical Manual

TAC Xenta Server - TAC Networks - Technical Manual

TAC Xenta Server - Gateway - Technical Manual

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