Installation and upgrade process for StruxureWare Building Operation Web Reports Server

Installation and upgrade process for StruxureWare Building Operation Web Reports Server


Files required to install StruxureWare Building Operation WEB Reports Server

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StruxureWare Building Operation


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StruxureWare Building Operation WEB Reports Server Release

To start installation, download WebReports Operating Guide and Web Reports Reference Guide

Installation Outline:

The WebReports Reference Guide provides detail information about hardware, software requirements, and steps required to configure the applications. The following steps are an overview of the complete installation.

Points 1-4 are easily and/or automatically done using "SBO Reports Preparation" available from the Buildings Community. This tool is not officially supported, but has proven to be helpful in many cases.

  1. Install and Configured required Windows applications, roles, and features. Outlined in Sections 3.4 of the WebReports Reference Guide
  2. Download and install SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard with Advanced Services it requires version 10.5 or later. Follow configuration steps found in Section 3.5-3.6 of the WebReports Reference Guide
    • SQL 2008 R2 Standard with Advanced Services
    • file name SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe
  3. Install .NET framework 4 per WebReports Reference Guide section 3.7
  4. Ensure that the Enterprise server is running on another machine, or at this point install and configure it on the local machine
  5. Install WebReports Server using the processes defined in WebReports Reference Guide section 3.9 and 3.10

The online help guide for StruxureWare has an excellent tutorial which will walk you through configuring the report Server, and running your first reports: Administering Reports

If you wish to create custom reports. Please follow the instructions as outlined in How to create custom reports in StruxureWare Building Operation WebReports

APPENDIX A: Verifying system is ready for reports installation

Before installing WebReports, but after configuring Windows Roles and Features, SQL and install .NET 4.0,(SBO 1.5 uses .NET 4.5) the user should always:

  1. Check to see that SQL Server is up and running
  2. Check that the user you are planning on installing Webreports with can connect to SQL and Microsoft Reporting Services.
    1. Log into SQL using SQL Server Management Studio
      1. User should be able to connect and view databases.
    2. Connect to the MS Reporting Services URL
      1. You can obtain the URL by: Start->All Programs-> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2->Configuration Tools->Reporting Services Configuration Manager.
      2. Once logged into Reporting Services Configuration Manager click on “Report Manager URL” and click the URL
        1. Verify that Reporting Services Manager page loads without error.

If you run into issues with the above, a possible solution is to turn of User Account Control Settings. This can be disabled by going to the Windows Control Panel, selecting User Accounts, selecting "Change User Account Control Settings" and moving the slider all the way down. You must restart the PC for this change to take affect. Repeat the above steps and contact PSS if you are still unable to validate the system.

APPENDIX B: Upgrading a report server installation

As described in appendix A, the logged in Windows user is used to install the report server, and this user must have access to the SQL database. That is also true when upgrading the report server installation, so make sure you are logged into Windows with the correct user.

Another option is to SHIFT + right click the installer, and select "Run as other user".

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