Inactivation of Remote Alarm Manager alarm message

Inactivation of Remote Alarm Manager alarm message


The Remote Alarm Manager sends a message to the recipient indicating that an alarm has been inactivated.

The screen shot below shows how a typical message will appear on the receiving mobile phone.

Product Line

Other, Satchwell MicroNet, Satchwell Sigma, TAC Vista


Remote Alarm Manager version 1.2


An alarm message is generated, and the Remote Alarm Manager processes it in the normal way. After three days and at midnight, the Remote Alarm Manager will send a inactivation message to the on-call recipient, indicating that this alarm has been inactivated.


This is not a fault with the system, it is operating as designed. When a new alarm is received by the Remote Alarm Manager, it is acted on in the way the configuration dictates. If the alarm remains on the system, without being retransmitted, then after three days the inactivation takes place. The 3 days is the default setting and can be changed if required.

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