I/A Series R2 SMS Driver / Servlet (Asia Pacific)

I/A Series R2 SMS Driver / Servlet (Asia Pacific)


I/A Series R2 SMS Driver / Servlet (Asia Pacific)

Product Line

 TAC IA Series


  • I/A Series R2 Enterprise Server
  • I/A Series R2 UNC


There have been occasional inquiries in Asia / Pacific for this 3rd party driver. This driver used to be available via the Schneider Electric / TAC office in Singapore but this is no longer the case.

About the R2 SMS Driver:

The I/A Series R2 SMS driver allows direct delivery of alarm messages to GSM mobile phones. The driver may be installed in an UNC with Web Services.


The driver and the supported modem can be purchased from Maxline Solutions.

Part number: DR-IS-SMS-R2
Description: SMS Driver for R2 JACE 3, 4 ,5 and 6

Part number: Robustel-M1000
Description: Robustel M1000 GSM/3G Module

Contact http://maxlinesolutions.com/contacts/ for inquiries and pricing. 

Schneider Electric does not provide support this driver. All product and technical issues should be directed to Maxline Solutions. 

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