How to use a 0-10V Sensor on a controller with 5V inputs

How to use a 0-10V Sensor on a controller with 5V inputs


Active sensors that have a 0-10V output can not be directly connected to a controller with a 0-5V input, what resistors and settings are required?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • All i2 and b3 controllers with 5V inputs, not applicable to the controllers with a 10V input i.e. the i2/b3920 & 810 which directly support the 0-10V sensors
  • I/O Module UI8-10
  • XP Modules xPUI4, xPBD4, xPBA4.



There is a requirement to calculate the appropriate potential divider resistor values and the settings for the upper and lower voltage in the input point configuration


Download the Voltage Inputs LSM document, this document details the value of the 2 resistors to use in the circuit and the upper and lower voltage settings to enter in the Auto Conversion box in the input point, these will correspond to the sensor reading at 0V & 10V.

For controllers that allow the pull up resistor to be switched out, ensure that it is in circuit for these setting to work correctly.

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