How to restore the Magelis Opti PC

How to restore the Magelis Opti PC


  • Need to restore or do a clean installation on the Magelis Opti PC
  • Magelis Opti PC has crashed or Windows don't load properly
  • Magelis Opti PC has become very slow or unresponsive

Product Line

Other, TAC Vista


  • Magelis Opti PC
  • Windows XP Embedded


Just like a regular PC the Magelis Opti PC may crash due to software errors, and it may also become slow after long time use.


The procedure "Restoring the Operating System" is described on page 7 (pg. 11 if go by PDF page numbers) of the Magelis Opti PC Installation Guide (also available on the supplied DVD)

Caution! Back up all important data on your primary drive before restoring your system. Restoring will delete all data on your drive, and your Magelis Opti PC will have the same software and data configuration as when it was delivered.

Hardware required

  1. Reinstallation DVD-ROM: Magelis Opti PC Restore & Documentation DVD.
  2. An external DVD drive with USB adapter.
  3. USB keyboard.


On Magelis Opti PC:

  1. Connect the external DVD drive to a USB port on the Magelis Opti PC.
  2. Power on the Magelis Opti PC.
  3. Press DEL to run the BIOS setup.
  4. Insert the restore DVD into the DVD drive.
  5. In the “Advanced BIOS features” menu, under “First boot device,” select “USB-CDROM.”
  6. Press F10 to save and exit. Select “Yes” when prompted to save your changes.
  7. At the MS-DOS C:\> prompt, type “RESTORE” and select your configuration.
  8. When the message “Proceed Restore [Y,N]” appears, type “Y.”
  9. The following message will appear to indicate restore was completed successfully.
    ***** Restore OK ****
    Restore may take several hours depending on the speed of the DVD drive.
    If any other message appears, contact your approved Schneider Electric technical center.
  10. Remove the DVD and press “CTRL+ALT+DEL” to restart the machine.
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