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How to permanently purge all alarms in Vista and start fresh


How to permanently purge all alarms in Vista and start fresh.

Product Line

TAC Vista


Vista Workstation alarm queue


Sometimes alarms can get stuck in the alarm queue during certain engineering processes. In later versions, these can be erased using the purge feature.


  1. To get rid of all old alarms in Vista, browse to the database location:
    C:\Program Files\TAC\TAC Vista 5.x.x\Db\$thisdb
    Note: The example is using the default database path for Vista. If you are unsure of the database location, go to Vista Server Setup where your Vista Database path is from the Vista Database tab.
  2. Shutdown the Vista Server if it is currently running.
  3. In the vista DB folder, rename $this.alr and $this_bp.alr to something else (e.g. this.alr.old) for future offline use, or delete the files permanently.
  4. Restart the Vista server, and the alarms should be cleared with the exception of current active alarms.
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