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How to generate Door Ajar alarm when system is shunting the ajar alarm due to door unlocked by schedule


If a Door is unlocked by schedule, for example, during business hours, a door ajar alarm is not available. How can you configure the door if the site would still like to receive a door ajar alarm, alerting them if someone goes through the door and leaves it ajar.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • CyberStation
  • CX9900
  • CX9702
  • CX9680
  • ACX5720
  • ACX5740


When a door is unlocked by schedule (or timed/permanent unlocked) the Continuum controller by design does not perform door ajar checking until the door re-locks.


Write a PE program to monitor the door's DoorSwitch and set the DoorAjar flag as needed. Care should be taken as to only engage the PE program when the access engine in the controller is shunting the alarm in order to avoid contention.

NOTE: Make sure to attach the DoorAjar alarm enrollment to the door.

Below is a sample PE program. IMPORTANT: This PE code is provided as a sample ONLY, you can use it as a guideline for creating your own PE programs to perform similar functionality.

'This program monitors a door while the door is unlocked by schedule
'and generates a door ajar alarm if the door is left ajar

  MyDoor DoorAjar = False

  If SCH_PNT = On then Goto MONITORING 'when door is not unlocked by schedule let controller handle ajar condition

  If MyDoor DoorSwitch = Opened then Goto ENSURE_CLOSE
  If SCH_PNT = Off then Goto RESET

  If TM > 1 then Goto SEND_ALARM 'if door is left ajar for over 2 minutes report a door ajar alarm
  If MyDoor DoorSwitch = Closed or SCH_PNT = Off then Goto RESET

  MyDoor DoorAjar = True
  If MyDoor DoorSwitch = Closed or SCH_PNT = Off then Goto RESET

 If TS > 30 then Goto RESET
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