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How to configure universal input for SE8000


Unable to configure universal input from the thermostat

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Expert




Universal inputs aren’t configurable at the thermostat


There are two ways to configure inputs on SE8000;

More often is via a BACnet front end and secondly is via a Lua script. The input shall be configured to Priority 3.


•       UI16 fixed as binary input

•       UI17 fixed as binary input

•       UI19 configurable as temperature sensor, binary input or 0 -10 VDC input

•       UI20 configurable as temperature sensor

•       UI22 configurable as temperature sensor

•       UI23 configurable as temperature sensor

•       UI24 configurable as temperature sensor, binary input or 0 -10 VDC input


For example UI19 configuration:

UI19 LUA AnalogValue:202 ; this point is to write a Lua via Bacnet for UI19.


if not init then
ME.MV6 = 2  -- set network units to imperial
ME.MV145 = 2  -- room temp local
ME.AV25_Desc = "UI19 TEMP"  -- UI19 Present Value
ME.AV26_Desc = "UI20 TEMP"  -- UI20 Present Value
ME.MV140 = 1  -- UI19 thermistor
ME.MV141 = 1  -- UI20 thermistor
init = true

ME.AV25 = ME.AV104
ME.AV26 = ME.AV105
ME.AV100_PV[16] = (ME.AV104 + ME.AV105) / 2  -- average UI20 remote sensor and UI19 remote sensor
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