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How to configure heating on SE7600X


Unable to turn the heat on SE7600X






Wiring issue or misconfiguration


You may refer to the diagram below to avoid wiring mistakes. Do not forget  jumper J1 on terminals |RC |RH|





Two important parameters to configure for heating.


Number of heating stages. 

Default value = 2 stages

When selected the device will revert the operation of 2 stages thermostat to single stage operation or to modulating 0 to 10Vdc heating output:

0 = 0-10Vdc analog heating output (AO)

1 = 1 heating stage (W1)

2 = 2 heating stages (W1 & W2)


Fan control

Default value = On

When selecting on; the Terminal Equipment Controller in all cases will always control the fan (terminal G). Valid for On or Auto fan mode

When selecting Off; the fan (terminal G), when heating stages (terminals W1 & W2) are solicited, will not be energized. The fan in this case will be controlled by the equipment fan limit control.

Valid only for Auto fan mode.


On fan mode will leave the fan always on.

For multistage models, fan control applies to W1 & W2

For heat pump models, fan control applies to W1 only (Emergency heat)

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