How do we run Continuum in Demo mode and what features are available?

How do we run Continuum in Demo mode and what features are available?


Unsure how to enable Demo Mode and what features are available in this mode.





Need to know what features are supported and how to use demo mode.


Demo mode will only work on a single PC (Single User mode not LAN mode) if there is no Continuum Security Key plugged into the Cyberstation. Make sure that you have never plugged in a Continuum Security Key to the workstation that you want to use in demo mode. (If you have and it is not working then go here.)

The demo mode gives you access to the following Continuum Security Key options:

  1. -B Badging Option
  2. -D Data Exchange Option – includes Personnel Import Utility
  3. -E Endura integration option
  4. -F FIPS 201 option
  5. -WCxPRO Option to add web.Client Pro to Single User CyberStation (SU), x user connections = 1, 2

With some limitations:

  1. Demo mode lasts for 4 hours and then the Cyberstation will pop a warning message before shutting down
  2. "Demonstration Mode" shows on the Continuum splash when starting Continuum.
  3. Only one network controller can be used and it must be ACCNetID = 1.


Note: When using Continuum v1.94, or greater, in Demo mode you might experience it being very slow to start, possibly taking up to two minutes to initially startup. See article here for further details.

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