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How can a deleted Pinpoint graphic be restored?


How can a deleted Pinpoint graphic be restored that was mistakenly deleted.


Pinpoint Graphic


A Pinpoint graphic was mistakenly deleted.


In order to restore a deleted graphic and hope to have it restored with all the points from the database attached, in addition to the PIN file and background being in the correct drive and folder, you will need either a text export (.dmp) of the graphic file (which you would import) or you would need to restore the database from before the deletion.

The PIN file has all the control objects but no link to the points that were attached on a certain graphic file. The database has the links to the points in the ObjectList of the Panel table. This is how you could have just one file and use it for hundreds of VAV boxes in a building.

If you cannot restore a backup of the database and you do not have a text export of the graphic you will need to use the PIN file and background (if applicable) and manually attach the points to the control objects in the graphic. 

To do this create a New >> Graphics in the location of your choice in ContinuumExplorer. Then using the menus go to File >> Import Panel File... and navigate to the PIN file and import it. This will bring in all the control objects in the locations they were before the deletion. Then add the background to the graphic by going to File >> Configuration and the Canvas tab. You then have to attach the points to the controls.

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