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Events are not showing or being logged.


  • Controllers are online but events are not being logged.
  • No live event updates are showing in the All Events Status Page or being logged to the SecurityExpertEvents database.

Product Line

Security Expert


Security Expert Client


Below is a list of the current causes that may contribute to the issues described:

  1. The Event Server settings are not configured correctly.
  2. The Firewall is blocking required communications ports.
  3. The default Save Events action has been removed.
  4. The All Events event filter has an Event Type or Record Filter attached to it which is filtering out events.


For Cause 1

Confirm that the Download Server, Event Server, and Controllers are configured correctly. Check all of the items in this Troubleshoot Security Expert Controllers showing offline article.

For Cause 2

Check that any Firewalls are disabled or setup to allow all required ports through. See SX-SRVR Networking Guide for Administrators for further details. Also, confirm that any Anti Virus software is also not blocking required ports or Security Expert applications.

For Cause 3

In Security Expert go to Events > Actions and confirm that there is a Save Events action configured for the Site. The action will look like what is shown below and can be manually created if it is not present.

Figure 1 - Save Events ActionFigure 1 - Save Events Action

For Cause 4

Ensure that the Status Page view being used is able to see those events and is not filtered in any way.

Under Events > Event Filters check that the All Events Event Filter is not filtered and it is set to show all events and records. By default, this is not filtered and not able to be changed.

  • On the Event Types tab ensure "Include All Event Types" is selected.Figure 2 - Event Filter Event TypesFigure 2 - Event Filter Event Types
  • On the Records tab ensure there is no record filter attached.Figure 3 - Event Filter - RecordsFigure 3 - Event Filter - Records
  • Then check that the All Events event report is using the All Events filter for All Record GroupsFigure 5 - Event Reports All EventsFigure 5 - Event Reports All Events
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