Error: NS #162 lcaErrNsMcpNotFound

Error: NS #162 lcaErrNsMcpNotFound


Monitor point cannot be found.


  • Echelon LonMaker
  • NL220
  • Vista
  • LNS


When trying to resynchronize, you may get this error.


 A monitor point is a member of a monitor set.  They are created when you right click on a SNVT in the LonMaker drawing and choose “Monitor.”  If a monitor point can no longer be found, then it can be cleaned out of the monitor set to eliminate this error.

  1. Navigate to LonMaker > Network Service Devices.  Click on the NSD Name for your network, which highlights the Monitor Sets button.  Click it.
  2. Expand the view to find Echelon LonMaker Monitor Sets.  These are the monitor points created manually by monitoring a point in the drawing.  They are optional and unnecessary.  Right click on Echelon LonMaker Monitor Sets and select Delete.
  3. Select "Done".  Select "Done". 
  4. LonMaker > Resynchronize.  Try it again.  This time check Sync drawing to database (fix-up drawing).  Also, check Sync monitor sets between drawing and database.
  5. It should resynchronize successfully now.  In the future instead of right clicking on a SNVT binding and selecting monitor value, use get value.  This will momentarily show you the LON value without creating monitor sets, which can later cause this error.
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