Epi-Suite and Epi-Builder Badge Editor list of supported devices

Epi-Suite and Epi-Builder Badge Editor list of supported devices


Which printers, signature pads, and capture devices are supported with the badging editor?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Epi-Suite
  • Epi-Builder


Determine which ImageWare systems (Epi-Suite or Epi-Builder) to use with the Continuum system.


Continuum OEM's third-party badging software from Image Ware Systems are Epi-Suite and Epi-Builder.
If your using Continuum version 1.8 and newer versions, Continuum uses the Epi-Builder version. For versions of Continuum 1.74 and prior, they use Epi-Suite as the badging editor.

The hardware compatibility list for the Image Ware products can be found on their website.

Once on their website select Support/Customer Service/ either IWS Epi-Builder or IWS Epi-Suite.
The page that is displayed after these selections you'll notice a link on the left-hand side of the page for Compatible Hardware. The lists for printers, capture devices, and signature pad readers can be displayed when clicking on the links for each.

The peripherals can be found at:


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