Embedded license activation fails

Embedded license activation fails


When trying to activate an embedded license on an Automation Server using Device Administrator, the activation fails with the following error message:

"Embedded operation: Activate failed: ASEmbeddedAPI internal error: Capability request could not be created"


Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • Building Operation Automation Server Premium (AS-P)
  • Building Operation Automation Server Bundled (AS-B)
  • Building Operation Automation Server (AS)

All of the above v. 3.0 or higher


The cause of this problem is that the trusted storage, i.e. the embedded license database on the SmartX server is corrupt. The embedded licensing framework undertakes internal checking and if it determines if there is a consistency problem, it will consider the trusted storage to be corrupt. This means that no operations to the trusted storage, such as activating licenses will succeed. At the time of writing it is unclear why the consistency problems happen.

In the server log you may also observe the following error message:

10:08:06: Executing licensing command
10:08:06: Executing embedded operation: Activate ActivationID: ACT-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX
10:08:11: Embedded operation: Activate failed: ASEmbeddedAPI internal error: Capability request could not be created
10:08:11: Licensing command completed
10:08:11: Activating licenses failed

(Real Activation ID replaced with ACT-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX)


  1. If the embedded license is a Client license, there is no need to activate the license. Install the EBO Hotfix (CP1) or later. This will remove the enforcement of SmartX server Clients in the licensing system. See also Knowledgebase Article Embedded WebStaion client license when logging directly into a SmartX server no longer needed.
  2. Other licenses like SmartDrivers, SNMP and Personal Dashboards may still need to be activated. Contact your local Product Support to fix this problem.
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