EcoStruxure Building Operation Evaluation License for 2.0 and up

EcoStruxure Building Operation Evaluation License for 2.0 and up


There have been questions about how the new EcoStruxure Building Operation 2.0 demo license works with the new scalable pricing structure.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • EcoStruxure Building Operation 2.0 and up
  • All previous builds of SBO 1.9 and below


Understanding what the EcoStruxure Building Operation evaluation license will allow to function in the newer versions of the product. 


The EcoStruxure Building Operation Evaluation License is a temporary license used when a database is being brought online before the permanent license has been deployed or on engineering laptops. All authorized Schneider Electric employees and partners can download the file from the Exchange Extranet. The file is updated every quarter as each one has an expiration date.

The functionality of the demo license has not changed in version 2.0 and newer. This license file will still allow functionality and engineering of a database to take place as long as the file is valid. The only difference is the new warning banner that will be present until permanent licenses are installed. 

Note: With the new scalable pricing starting in version 2.0, once the evaluation license is removed from the site, a license is needed for each Automation Server attached to the Enterprise Server. 

More information on the Scalable Pricing structure can be found in EcoStruxure Building Operation Licensing and Scalable Pricing Info

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