EBO SmartDriver and Smart Connector

EBO SmartDriver and Smart Connector


What is the difference between an EBO SmartDriver and Smart Connector?

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EcoStruxure Building Operation


Building Operation SmartDriver


SmartDriver and Smart Connector enhance the openness for the EcoStruxure Building Operation, EBO, BMS system. They enable integration between EBO and 3rd party systems, even via not supported or nonstandard protocols.



SmartDriver enables you to create a customized interface to monitor and control 3rd party devices from the EBO server.
The following block diagram shows a SmartDriver Interface and a SmartDriver Driver. The SmartDriver Interface (similar in concept to other protocol interfaces such as Modbus and BACnet) is part of EcoStruxure Building Operation software and enables you to create SmartDriver objects in the System Tree pane. The SmartDriver Driver is installed on the server drive and provides the network communications control. More information at Web Help SmartDriver Overview.


Smart Connector:

A development framework that simplifies and accelerates integrations with third-party systems or other data sources. It is an open, extensible and configurable application framework that allows developers to create innovative new capabilities, applications, and solutions that extend and enhance EcoStruxure Building solutions.
The Smart Connector itself runs outside the EBO server and consume or server data to EBO server vie the EcoStruxure web services "EWS".

Smart Connector.png

For more information, visit the Smart Connector marketplace and Developer Community on the Exchange:
For developers wanting to get started using the Smart Connector framework visit:

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