Downloading new NXE or APB files using Lonmaker

Downloading new NXE or APB files using Lonmaker


Downloading new NXE or APB files using Lonmaker for controller updates

Product Line

Other, TAC Vista


Lonmaker 3.2


Updating of software in a controller for more features or fixes.


To update a new NXE or APB in a Lonworks controller using lonmaker follow these steps.

1. Download the NXE or APB file you intend to use. If it is a 100 series controller the files are available on extranet. Here is the link to the Xenta 100 series NXE files.

2. Locate the device you wish to upgrade in you Lonmaker drawing and select the load option

3. The next option screen will indicate the existing template name. Retain this name if the SNVTs are not changing.

You may want to create a new template name if the SNVTs are being amended.

4. Select the Next option and then in the image name area browse to the NXE or APB file you want to download to the controller.

5. Select the next option then select the state you would like the device to be in after the new NXE has been downloaded. Then select the finish button. The application will then be downloaded to the selected controller.

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