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Downloading a Xenta Device Using Direct Connection to Menta Programming Tool


Downloading a Xenta Device Using Direct Connection to Menta Programming Tool


Download a Menta application file to a Xenta controller using the Menta software tool and a directly connected serial RS-232 cable.

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • Menta Programming Tool
  • Xenta Programmable Controllers
  • Xenta 280, 281, 282, 283, 300, 301, 302, 401, 401:B
  • Cableguide
  • Kableguide
  • Programming Serial Kit
  • 0-073-0920-0

Note: The Online command is not available for the Xenta Server 700 devices so the following procedures do not apply to these devices.


Throughout the engineering, installation and commissioning phases of a project it may be necessary to download directly to a Xenta programmable controller.

Also, performing a directly connected Menta download may be necessary in order to fix certain issues. See the following:


  1. Use Menta Setup program (this is found in the TAC Tools menu) to select the Com port that is being used. Do not change any other setting before clicking Close.
  2. Connect the RS-232 cable and Programming Adapter between the PC and the RS232 port on the TAC Xenta. (these are part of the TAC Xenta: Programming Serial Kit, part no. 0-073-0920-0 For more information about the cable and adaptor see Xenta Cable Guide , Adaptor A1 and Cable L1 or Schematic for the RS-232 cable used to direct download Menta applications and system files.) 
  3. Open the Menta file to be downloaded.
  4. Change to simulation mode in Menta by clicking Options menu and selecting Simulate.
  5. In the simulation mode click Online.
  6. In the Connecting to Device dialog click Download.
  7. In the Tam32 dialog choose whether or not to generate files for an OP menu.
  8. For more information regarding Menta direct downloads see the TAC Menta Technical Manual  Section 16.4.1.


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