Download an .MOT file into a Xenta Programmable controller

Download an .MOT file into a Xenta Programmable controller


Instructions on how to download an .MOT file into a Xenta Programmable controller

Product Line

TAC Vista, EcoStruxure Building Operation


  • Xenta Programmable Controllers
  • Xenta 280, 281, 282, 283, 300, 301, 302, 401, 401:B
  • Download Wizard


To reinstall or upgrade the firmware of a Xenta programmable controller, a .MOT file must be loaded using the Download Wizard.


Get the latest (or desired) .MOT version onto the PC's hard drive.

  1. Download the appropriate .MOT for the controller requiring new firmware.
    To find the version of firmware in a controller, see How to view the current firmware version on a Xenta controller using the RS-232 cable.
  2. Go to the The Exchange Download Center and view the MOT files
  3. Locate the proper version and controller combination in the asset title.
  4. Download the desired .MOT version


Download the .MOT file into the controller

  1. Start the Download Wizard. Note: The download wizard is installed when Menta or EcoStruxure Building Operation Workstation is installed on the machine.
    Start > Programs > Schneider Electric > TAC Tools X.X.X > Download Wizard
    (For versions prior to 5.1.4, the path will be "TAC" instead of "Schneider Electric.")
  2. Follow instructions on the Download Wizard.
  3. System
    1. Choose to Retain Current .MOT or Download new.  Typically the choice will be to download a new .MOT.
    2. Ensure the device type is correct and matches the controller and .MOT file.
    3. Browse to the .MOT file downloaded from the Buildings Business Extranet.
  4. Application
    1. Choose to Retain Current, Clear memory, or Download New.  Typically the choice will be to clear memory.
    2. This is referring to the Menta application inside the controller.  If the application is cleared, the controller will be "applicationless" and cannot be downloaded through the Vista System Plug-in.  Some Menta application will need to be loaded through a Menta direct download before the controller can function again in a network.
    3. If you choose to load a Menta application through the Download Wizard, browse to the desired .MTA file.
  5.  Configuration
    1. If the application is set to clear memory, the configuration section will be grayed out.  No selections are necessary.
    2. This refers to the network description files.  The typical selection if the option is available is to retain current.
  6. Press Apply
  7. Download status is shown in % finished.  Do not interrupt this process!
  8. When the dialog states that the download has completed, close Download Wizard.  Load a Menta application if necessary through Menta direct download.

For more information on Menta Cable needed to download, see Schematic for the RS-232 cable used to direct download Menta applications and system files.

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