Disabling System Alarms

Disabling System Alarms


How can System Alarms be disabled?

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EcoStruxure Building Operation


Building Operation Workstation


There are over 230 system alarms and at times they need to be turned off temporarily. There is no straight-forward method to gain access to the (intrinsic) system alarms, so an instruction on how to disable them is needed.


You cannot stop system alarms from triggering. But if there are system alarms that trigger often, you might want to "turn these off". The way to do this is to disable the alarms, which would cause the alarms not to trigger again until they are enabled. An alarm has to trigger first in order for it to be disabled.

To disable an alarm, right click on the alarm in the alarm list and choose Disable alarm.


There is no menu or object to access the system alarms only. For a list of system alarms see What system alarms can occur in StruxureWare Building Operation?

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