Details on Continuum Import/Export (IE) System

Details on Continuum Import/Export (IE) System


How does the import/export (IE) system work in the Continuum controllers?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • CyberStation
  • All CXs
  • All i2s, Infinet Controllers


Continuum controllers implement an Import/Export strategy in order to minimize network traffic when accessing the value of a point in a remote controller.

The principle is that the value of a controller point that is referenced by other controllers on the network only needs to be sent out when it changes, much like the BACnet COV which stands for Change Of Value.

The two parties involved in the IE transaction are the controller that owns the point (the owner) and the controller(s) referencing the point's value (the subscribers), a second CX controller may also be involved and acting as a router when a value is imported/exported from/to a remote field device under a remote CX.


Read more in the attached document, Understanding Continuum IE System

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