Dependencies for Vista Server running as a service

Dependencies for Vista Server running as a service


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Dependencies for Vista Server running as a service

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The Vista server can run into issues if it starts up before other services.


Ensure that Vista Server does not start up before Aladdin Privilege Server by making some changes to the registry.

Select the start menu, select run, and type “regedt32”. Once the program opens you should browse to the following path:


The key named DependOnService should by default contain the value RPCSS. To add a dependency to this service just modify the value of the key and add the name of the service you wish to start before this one. In the case of Aladdin Privilege Server just add the text “Privilege Win32 Server” to the registry key.

Close the registry editor and the dependency will be visible in the services properties window for TACOS.

Note: If you need Vista to start late in the boot cycle but you do not have a specific service dependency, as explained above, then choose one of the services which startup last as the data value for the value "Depends on Service". Services commonly selected are Spooler and Messenger.

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